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Coach Van Has Stated That He Will Buy Your Position/s If You Decide To Quit, Because He Knows How Valuable They Are!

Game Changing Update 4/27/24

NELO Life continues with their mission to provide the very best business model possible for each and every member. Here is the game changing news from Coach Van....

Nobody has to worry about their $59. They can just wait until they have 29 people below them and then pay when they "KNOW" their monthly is covered. We didn't get what we wanted the first day, but I'm sure you know there will be thousands in this and even if it takes months (it won't), it's just $79 until they are making enough to cover the $59 month regardless if that's first 30 days or months from now.  When they start, they keep all future growth and they NEVER lose their spot.

This enhancement to the compensation plan in unprecedented in the industry.

Here is the bottom line....

Those who are already paid affiliates will never be required to pay again unless and until that have 29 people below them in the unified matrix, regardless of how it takes.

Pay once (only $79) and benefit from the future growth of the company. Never pay again until your monthly subscription ($59) is covered by matrix commissions. This could eventually become a very substantial additional monthly income stream.

2 Meetings Today Covering This Awesome News:

Coach Van will explain everything during the meetings today.

The first meeting is at 1 PM EST - 12 NOON CST - 11 AM MST - 10 AM PST

The second meeting is at 8 PM EST - 7 PM CST - 6 PM MST - 5 PM PST

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